Welcome to Cathey Cattle Company. We are a family owned cow-calf operation located in the beautiful Mission Valley in western Montana.
I am Brittany Cathey. My husband Wacey and I moved to my parents ranch (Greg and Lynn Gardner, G&G Livestock) in 2011. We bought our first herd of cows prior to being married the following year. In 2015 we purchased a portion of the ranch from my parents; the next year the calf market plunged and we began to feel the true financial strains that come with ranching. Add children into the mix, time flying by and we found ourselves battling with the philosophy of “there’s always next year.”
A silver lining presented itself in 2020 when Covid highlighted the flaws in America’s food systems. Large packing plants came to a halt and suddenly the store meat counters were empty. People began looking for local sources of beef and we could provide it. From burger and steak to quarter, half and whole beef shares, we are humbled by every person who entrusts us by putting ranch raised beef on their table.
Please note, we do not have a store front. Local orders are put together at the ranch and then delivery/pick up options are arranged.